Freedom For My Soul

Today as I look at this world,
I see strain and I see struggle.
I see a nation divided.
I see our leaders arguing.
The media tells us the story,
But that’s just what it is.
They tell us what we need to hear,
What we need to see,
What will convince us to believe.
They twist a tangle web of lies,
And they dress it up pretty.
As I watch our nation crumble,
I begin to wonder what freedom is.
Im told I’m free, and then told im wrong.
I am told I am intolerant and controlling.
I fall in the half of the world that believes one side,
While the other tells me that I’m taking their rights.
I don’t dive into politics,
I don’t publicize my opinion.
But I watch as it becomes a fight,
And knowing I have to pick a side.
So I pick the side of Christ!
I pick the side that wins!
I won’t listen to the devils lies!
I won’t be discourged by his attacks!
Instead I’m gonna choose life!
Im going to keep my trust in Him!
The devil wont break me!
My life does not belong to any on earth,
My life belongs to The One who made me!
Even though I live in a country where I’m free,
I will trust in the one who frees my soul!
It is in him I see true freedom!
It is through Him that justice will come!
It is through Him that I have liberty!
And without Him, there would be no life.
So I will stand my ground,
And I will live in FAITH!
For my soul is free from destruction!
My soul is free from this world!
It is through Him,
That I experience true FREEDOM!

Thank you to those who have stuck around in my absence. I have been going through some stuff and havent had the chance to sit down and write. I hope you all enjoy my poem on freedom. In a world where it feel like our freedom is being stripped from us, I want to say there is light in the tunnel. So if you have something you want to get off your chest, I encourage you to please contact me using the form on the contact page. I’d love to chat with you, answer questions you may have, or even just be there to listen. I’m here for you, even when you may feel alone. It is with love for everyone in this dark world, that I hope to be a light to give you hope! And always, stay dark, stay spooky, stay in school, and I’ll catch you next time, in the shadows.