Trapped in a mystery

Is it stress or depression?
I don’t know but it makes me feel heavy.
A burden on my chest that I just cant carry.
I need to talk, but i dont know why.
I need to get it off, but what is it?
I’m hurting and i dont know why.
Emotions are stirring and for what I cant say.
I’m suffocating in something and I dont know what.
I just want it to loosen.
I just want to breath.
I just want to be free of this mysterious chain.
It ties me down and I just can’t see.
It’s dementing and sickening.
I want to be happy.
I want answers to this condition,
Freedom from this trap.
I want to just scream but I don’t have the words.
I need relief, but I can’t relieve a mystery.
Are the walls closing or is my mind shaking?
I feel powerless to the condition that imprisoned me.
I feel empty like something is missing.
There something wrong there has to be.
It can’t just be in my head, it’s pressing from outside.
But when I look up, nothing has changed.
I’m still in my room, I’m still breathing.
So what is this pain that is torchering me.
Why can’t I spell the ailment that is hindering me.
It’s all a complete mystery,
A trap that I can’t see.