Rock and a rock?

I feel stuck, in choices I don’t understand.
I have feelings, one taken, one I’m unsure.
I cant seem to stop thinking, and I feel like a mess.
I don’t have a solution, and I feel like I need to speak.
Two people, and I don’t know how to tell either of them.
I should just focus on school, but she is on my mind.
And by she I mean two, and I don’t know what’s true.
I can’t expect either would want me, not in my mess.
Maybe I’m wrong, and honestly, part of me hopes so.
But who do I choose?
The first and last and changed since I met her?
Or my most recent, who watched me as I changed.
I have feelings, but for who I cant tell.
It’s just a mess, and it won’t go away.
So it’s just that, do I choose the one I cant have?
Do i choose the one that’s unknown?
Do either even feel the same, or am I just alone?
I’m stuck between a rock and something hard.
I’m stuck with a choice, and I cant tell what’s right.

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