Life as it has Become

Where did it all go?
The friends I have all missing,
The fire in my heart just dying.
What happened to life?
I work to many hours,
I can’t catch a break.
I miss being me,
And I don’t know who I am.
The stress, the struggle,
The anxiety, the pain.
Is this who I’ve become?
My friends don’t even notice,
Is this the new normal?
Am I defined by the hours I work?
Am I represented by my scars?
What happened to the joy?
What happened to the peace?
I used to be happy, and hard to depress.
Now I’m so stressed, that I lost it all.
Is this really my life?
Is something just missing?
What do I do?
What can I do?
I guess I’ll move on,
And just hope for the best.

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