Essential but not Forgotten

In this time of distress,
Viral instability and unrest.
This goes out to all,
In positions without thanks.
Medical staff, and grocery stores,
Truck drivers and restaurants.
To those who cant go home,
Cause it puts their family at risk.
First responders and military,
For your brave service.
To those in masks,
And those in gloves.
To all working at home
Or risking at the office.
Everyone who works,
In this time of trial.
This year has been rough,
And its only half through.
The virus the riots,
The protests and destruction.
Stay at home orders,
And mask up proclamations.
And through it all,
I thank you.
To all essential workers,
For risking your lives.
These tines have been stressful,
And you keep us alive.
So to that I cant tell you,
How grateful I am.
That workers like you,
Still work in through the storm.
I know your struggle,
And I know the strain.
I too am like you,
Essential all the same.
Thank you to you all,
For your service,
And your sacrifice.
Let us get through this year,
And make 2021 even better.

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