The Past, Present and Who Knows

And confirmed what I knew.
Love has broken me,
Love has destroyed me.
Love made me not want to fully experience it.
The truth is,
I don’t know anymore.
I’m damaged,
But beyond repair?
That might be the pain talking,
And the very thing that turned me off.
But now there’s a girl.
We both swore off dating,
At least till after college is over.
We share the same beliefs,
And total dorks.
Could she be the one?
I really don’t know.
For some reason I’m still in doubt.
Like I’ve been so broken,
Such that not even perfection can repair.
I feel destroyed.
I feel alone,
But I know I’m not.
The hard truth,
This is my reality.
I wake up excited for the day,
I go to bed exhausted.
Part of me doesn’t know who I am,
Or if ill ever feel secure.
At least I have my friends…..
I’m so unsure,
I just need someone to say it.
I don’t know my future,
But I don’t think anyone does.
All I can do is make the best of what I have.

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