The War Continues

This is a celebration,
But also a prayer.
For we made it through one,
And live to tell the tale.
The one became 4,
With no end in site.
This virus, this strain,
The same four walls.
I just want out!!!
The stupid piece of fabric,
A mask we all must wear.
It makes me feel more,
Like the me in my past.
I hated the mask then,
And I hate it more now.
It hides our identity,
Makes me feel lost.
The prayer I send out,
Is one of longing.
Its one to be free,
But one of protection.
We still have people,
In essential positions.
I pray for their protection,
As the viral war wages on.
I pray for the end,
Of the viral protections.
For the safety in our communities,
For an escape from quarantine.
I pray for comfort,
As we continue this fight.
Let us at least enjoy,
Some part of 2021!

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