Night Shift

It’s dark and quiet.
It’s work while the world is asleep.
I am one of many,
Working through the night.
Some work in cars with flashing lights,
Others work in hospitals with blaring alarms.
Some work in trucks with large loads.
Some work in places like me,
Big buildings with lots of shelves.
All these jobs keep the economy going.
All these jobs keep you safe, fed, and healthy.
It doesn’t matter the uniform,
For they all serve a purpose.
Scrubs, bulletproof vests,
Fire retardent jackets, or jeans and a t-shirt.
All are important, all are essential.
There are many of us who work,
Sometimes very long nights.
A lot of us sleep,
While you enjoy the day.
I don’t say this in search of credit,
But as a thanks of my own.
Now knowing what it feels like,
I appreciate it more.
So thank you to all of you,
Who like me, work the night shift!

What you just read comes from my experience working night shifts in a warehouse. I really do appreciate the work that people like me put in after hours to keep the world running. I also want to say a quick thanks to those who have supported me from the beginning, both on this site and IRL.
As I always say,  Stay Dark, Stay Spooky, Stay in School, and I’ll catch you next time in the shadows!